Why the Book of Perfectly Perilous Math is the best book ever!

Do you ever want a book that will actually teach you something? Do you ever wish for a book that’s interesting and educational at the same time? Do you ever want a book that will get you deeply involved in the story? Well, I have the perfect book for you! Introducing the Book of Perfectly Perilous Math!

As everybody knows, all of the so-called educational books you could find in your local bookstore are all hot garbage. Most of them only can teach you 1 plus 1, but obviously, some books are created more equally than others and the Book of Perfectly Perilous Math is one of the more “equal” ones. It teaches you hardcore stuffs that you can actually use in real life and I in sure you, Mr Newton read this book and discovered gravity. How educational!!!

You might say that this book is so boring it only teaches you stuff and it’s similar to doing classwork! Well that's not actually the case, each math problem has its own little story and guess what, by doing math problems you can proceed with the story and finish the final boss with the legendary math blade of algebra. So this book will never be anything like the boring, dull and uninteresting classwork.

From all of the information I already give you, it sounds like a pretty hard book right? That’s not the case at all, it’s perfectly balanced and suitable for anybody as long you can read. When the math problems are too hard then you can read some of the hints, if you are an expert at math then go ahead and finish all of that math problems!

There you have it, an awesome book that’s perfect for people who wanted to improve their math skills while going through awesome adventures. I just don’t understand who else doesn't want to read this book. Believe me, you 100 percent can’t stop reading after you start reading.